7 Eylül 2011 Çarşamba


The cover of the book
                                   NUMBER THE STARS
       By Su Yilmaz
…“Your names?” the officer barked.
“Annemarie Johansen. And this is my sister-”
“Quiet! Let her speak for herself. Your name?” He was glaring at Ellen.
Ellen swallowed. “Lise,” she said, and cleared her throat. “Lise Johansen.”
            Annemarie and Ellen are best friends who live in Copenhagen in 1943. They were having fun with Annemarie’s little sister Kirsti. But things were about to change from that moment. Nazis have arrived to Copenhagen and they weren’t gonna stop. Ellen’s family had to leave just because they’re “Jewish” people. Annemarie also had to risk her life for her friendship. Is she gonna be able to see Ellen again?
            The book’s written by Lois Lowry. He’s received the Newberry Medal for “Number the Stars” and “The Giver.” I think it was very well-written. It’s actually about the courage, friendship and hard times.
Lois Lowry

            Like i said before (and i’ll also say it now) judging people by their nationality is nothing but immaturity. No one chooses who you are, which family he or she has, which color of eyes he or she has or we can example lot more. We only choose what we can do in our lives and only the time is equal for everyone.
            And i can really say i’ve liked the book. Thanks Lois Lowry for this awesome book, for making me cry silently, for using the words like gems!
-Su Yilmaz-

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