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                        THE MELANCHOLY DEATH OF OYSTER BOY
He proposed in the dunes,
They were wed by the sea,
Their nine-day longed honeymoon,
was on the isle of Capri.”
Oyster Boy!

        Sometimes we look at covers of books and feel so warm about them. Even though, we don’t know what it is about…
            This book made me feel the same feelings that i’m not actually a person who buys books for their author; but when i saw “Tim Burton” above the title, i’ve thought like “Uh-huh! This’ll be mine!”
I’m not regretting!
            You’ll understand me when you read the book. If you’re a Tim Burton fan, then i insist you to read that book. I’ve loved it…
            Think that you combine some poems about gothic style mixes with the endless imagination. That equals Tim Burton! He makes you feel terrible and the happiest person at the same time.

Think of chuckling while you’re crying…
Who Is Tim Burton?: An American director, writer, producer, artist who was born in 1958. His movies’ theme is usually dark and quirky such as Sleepy Hollow, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas and more. Often works with Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp.
Johnny Depp and Tim Burton

            You could read stories like “Stain Boy”, “Sue”, “Voodoo Girl” and lot more… My favorite one’s Stick Boy and Match Girl in Love.

 Here’s more about it:
“Stick Boy liked Match Girl,
He liked her a lot.
He liked her cute figure,
He thought she was hot.
But could a flame ever burn
For a match and a stick?
It did quite literally;
He burned up quick.”

            I guarantee you’ll have fun!
-Su Yilmaz-

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